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Prefab House Mini

in my opinion, I have seen this beautiful prefab house madefrom Shipping Container before but I recently found it again and loved better the second time. Just looking through these images makes me want to buy a little area of land and fall a few of these down. The prefab structure allows for the home to be built in a manipulated environment, creating less of an impact on the construction site. What you see here is merely a version of what can be built, expanded and created using the modular system has designed. We love all of the small details that make the design look like a completely custom project.

ShippingContainer Houses proposes an innovative, intelligent and sustainable alternative for dwelling, enjoying the benefits associated with the off site structure technology, with no waste and no mess. Typically the house has a moderated structure and design, which allows multiple configurations and customizations. Starting from a minor module, invests in customization, design and sustainability

The production is carried out in a prefabricated manner and enjoys the metal frame system technology,Modern prefab homes which allows the client program definition needs and range of finishes, as well as automation options. Depending on the composition of the modules, offers different options - ranging from a small weekend retreat, a little show room for events upwards to larger programs and elaborated as hotels and inns, combining a larger amount of modules. The segments are 100% prefabricated, than is take to any site by truck or disassembled into smaller items and taken to the ground for final assembly. This allows for a clean work without damaging the natural environmen
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