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Amazing Shipping container Home cabin goes off-grid in California wilderness

Shipping container architecture can come with all sorts of bells and whistles—often featuring multi-story designs that employ up to a dozen steel boxes.Container House But sometimes it only takes two. Look at this container getaway cabin, for example, created by San Francisco-based firm Yamamar for a client who owned 1,000 acres of wilderness west of Mount Lassen in Northern California.

Container Home design,The request was for something simple, prefab, and off-the-grid, since permanent development was prohibited in the area. The architects responded with a design that fuses two shipping containers. Not much has been done to rid the container of its container looks on the exterior, but inside, reclaimed Douglas fir paneling and large windows make the space surprisingly cozy and scenic.

The cabin features large entryways with a small lounge, kitchenette, and bedroom.To go off-the-grid, the dwelling has been equipped with a rooftop solar array. The clients use propane for lighting and heating, and get their fresh water from a creek nearby. Not a bad way to spend some days

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