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Container Cafe Hamburg-Germany

The Café Entenwerder 1 opened in Hamburg Rothenburgsort in July. Unusual floating on a pontoon, small, still unpolished, but with a nice idea.
This Nice View in Hamburg,The Container Cafe beside the River

If you take it very well, with good kitchen, do not read any better, because I recommend the Café Entenwerder less because of the food. Much more is the location and the unusual presentation, which make the café to a new and worthwhile trip destination here in Hamburg.
Entenwerder 1 - Elbblick and a pink container
The special thing about the cafe right in front: it is small, consists only of one or two pink painted containers and floats on the water. A hundred-year-old and completely renovated bridge paves the way to the Elbe and you enter the pontoon, which is decorated with flower pots and a colorful mix of chairs and benches. Somehow alone is already a little bit like holiday.

When we enter the small pink cafe container, the weather is bad (as bad as almost the entire Hamburg summer 2015) and the guests colorful mixed. A couple around the sixty, two elderly gentlemen around the seventy, a mother with child, a man, and now we read. With the exception of two stools at the window, all seats are occupied.

The walls are painted colorful in strips and huge windows give the view of the Elbe and the pontoon with the generous seating for free days. Everything is very bright and the colorful colors spread extremely good mood. Extra customized seat cushions with the duck logo, colorful flags on the pontoon and many small details delight anyone who can warm up for design. You can see that this space has been created by creatives.
The map is handwritten and clear, but appealing dishes are on it. As the regional ingredients are cooked as fresh as possible, the menu changes almost daily. We choose the spinach dumpling in tomato sauce and the chard. This is fast and looks appetizing. I formulate it like this: the eye eats with and taste we have perhaps just a bad day caught. In any case, we decided not to complain, because everything around is done with so much love and the service was extremely friendly.

If you prefer coffee and cake, you will also find it. The coffee comes from Public Coffee Roasters in the Neustadt in Hamburg, cakes from a densely filled display cabinet with appealing displays.
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