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Budget Shipping Containers ,10ft shipping container kiosk

Following having a fantastic Shipment Container conversion for a tiny industri in indonesia espesialy in shipping container food kiosk , previously in the year, after much interest since, we now have decided to offer this popular container kiosk structure for a lot of types of companies and shops and are happy to supply it as a 'standard' design available to purchase.

For every shipment containerkiosk we ask you to tell all of us what you want and where you want it, and we build the unit customised to your requirements. This kind of conversion inviolved cutting the 10ft box, with the addition of 2x security double-shutter gain access to windows and standard shipment doors on the end of the container for entry, painted in their specific company colours and fitted with a lockbox and deadlocks for extra security.

Of course, all other customisation options are available as we want to ensure every customer gets just what they need info about shipping container restaurant cost,. So if the home window heights should be specific or if you're after added extras such as workers doors, electrics, roller blinds, lining out internally with insulation options, high security windows with shutters, electrics, lights, plumbing, heating, even a foot spa it is all very possible. Nevertheless , if your on a tight budget you should take some of this work with yourselves
Each 10ft shipping and delivery container kiosk is assured wind and water restricted, structurally sound, and all donor units are acquired from shipping lines or from leasing companies. In the event that any repairs are necessary they are carried out inside our depot to a high standard before any modification work or portray is done, so that you are confident of a clean, dried out and odour free box (CDOF) with a brand new look

The shipping container kiosks shown in the photographs were shown to a kebab company and so forth All their requirements were "secure storage space and serving solution for customers, 10ft in span, in a remote location so must be very secure, painted a specific shade of green" - all boxes ticked, and the container was shipped on a regularly vehicle to position it exactly where they needed it.
As you can see the hatches are designed to fold outwards to allow any menus/prices to exhibit on the inside of the hatches. Simply perfect for conversion rate for sports clubs, seats offices, fast food stores etc.

In this specific container we also added 2 very different types of lock meaning any would be intruder would need heavy cutting products of some description to break into a textbox like this. with the container location getting heavy cutting gear to the container itself would likely be a quite hard task.

Shipping and delivery Containers will offer great value and secure facilities of all types and sizes. For bespoke or custom build work and in some cases you'll find you won't require planning permission. If your considering any form of complicated or bespoke build we suggest primarily contact all of us to discuss your viewpoints or needs and location. We now have depots nationwide but prices will vary somewhat from one to the other and of course will be subject to your requirements.

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