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Alternative material replacement for shipping container

.Greetings friends
The price of a Shipping Container of used size 10 Ft average diangka 10 millions, But that's just the price of Containernya only not including Modifications, both exterior and interior, For Kiosk Kiosk Container or Container size 10 Ft, off the average market price in 2000 $/additional Specifications of the Total renovation of the Container

in anticipation of the expensive production costs, the best alternative is to wear IronHolow on chassis frame and Plate Esser as body upholstery.
Why is this material that we choose, the material it is made of solid steel and iron Plate esser who also have enough thickness as a means of business.
To beautify the look in Add Printing and lamination of additional Neon Box at the top and the front Body

Well not quite beautiful, and remain firmly in shared Outdoor area selling in hot weather and rain affected.
Wait make friend in need: an Outdoor Booth, Kiosk Container,
Interested in using the media to serve the former Villa Container Container Container, Kiosk, make friends who need: Shipping Container Container Cafe, Coffee Shop,Cafe, design Container Container Container Restaurant, Cafe, Restaurant Container

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