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Container Store Idea

Create a Container Store, or Kiosk-based business Container can easily be done, the process of the work's physical shape Physical Shipping Containernya can be quicklyapplied, because only cut, weld, the physical body of Shipping Containernya only.
However, the physical work of Interior would be a little time-consuming, because the job following the design agreed between client and designer.
For the manufacture of Container Store, the inside of the Interior follows the type of business and the variety of activities performed on the inside of the Container Store.

For the standardization of Electrical Power can wear directly from the power source, could also wear the alternative energy, can use electric energy derived from solar cells. or the Solar System.
For stages stages create a Cafe Container, the Container and the Container Store Restaurant, sbb
Standard size Kiosk/Store Container in need
What kind of food or drink, or any products on sale in the Kiosk/Store Container
What equipment is included and placed on the inside of the cabin
Equipment installation and wiring
So make your friends who need a means of effort such as: Container Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Container Container Container Container Store, Kiosk, Shipping Container used, may be in reference to create the infrastructure of business/Business friends to all.

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