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Flat Pack Container House-Flat Container Homes

 Flat Pack Container Homes

Flat Pack Container House,Modular modified Container house's structural characteristics of transport containers, module integration and combination of the principle of viability, diversity and function according to the building design requirements, the modular combination of factory prefabrication construction products.
Flat Container Houses

Structural steel framed with light steel framing padding Property module using current best practice design philosophies and production techniques. Our flexible design can be altered to suit the customer's architectural requirements. It can be adapted to suit a variety of uses, for example, housing, offices, student dormitories, Hotels, can also be used in factories, restaurants, toilets and bathrooms, etc. We have provided to Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and other areas of modular modified housing.
 Container Houses

1. steel structure framing is a combinationof light weight steel construction framing with insulation.

2. the earthquake and weather resistancerequired engineering designwith high performance thermal and noise insulation ,Prefab Container Homes

The main advantage
 Flat Container House

1. strength and durability

In many areas of application, container house is a perfect building choice, its design is a result of bearing loads and multiple layers stacked shipping containers, can be resistant to bad environment.

2. modularity

Most of the container shall be carried out according to standard size production, also thanks to the modular elements, they can be combined into larger structure space, which simplifies the design process, planning and transport

3. save the artificial

Steel welding and cutting are special skill, can increase construction costs, but in General, the cost is still lower than for traditional architecture.

4. transport

Prefabricated modules can use live convenient rail transport ships, trucks, because they already comply with the standard size for transportation.

5. practical

Container House can be applied to Hotels, villas, apartments, schools, as permanent or semi-permanent buildings, also can meet mine and offshore oilfields, military barracks and other temporary construction requirements.
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