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Container Restaurant-Mies Container Restaurant – South Korea’s Hooters for Women

Container Restaurant-'Mies Container' is a odd name for a restaurant. But its theme is exclusive and relaxing - factory-style d?cor and intensely good-looking male waitstaff. The restaurant, positioned in Gangnam Region - one of Seoul's most hip locations - has been dubbed 'Hooters for Women'. In a very city where people aren't exactly known for his or her patience, Koreans are in fact waiting in infinite lines outside Mies Container - that's how popular it is becoming. And about nine out of ten customers are always women!

The atmosphere inside Mies virtually screams one expression - Macho. The available loft composition is constructed such as a stock, with the slogan 'Clean and Tighten and Engine oil!' written on the wall structure in Korean. They have even numbered structure helmets to recognize orders. All of the waiters are young and hot (and men), and extremely friendly towards customers, especially women.

One waiter was overheard sharing with a person: 'You have excellent preference in picking from the menu.' Attractive men who are attentive and appreciative? No surprise this place is popular with the girls. And the clients aren't exactly bashful while going back the compliments. Which wall structure right next to the cashier filled up with little records like: 'Dear hot waiter, please marry me!' - that's one among the reasonable ones.

But Mies Container's isn't successful only due to its selection of employees. The restaurant has been earning rave reviews on prices, taste, meal, service, and atmosphere. Actually, the interiors gained the Reddot Design Prize, which is one of the world's most renowned design awards, previous October. Because it is nearly impossible to discover a stylish restaurant offering delectable food at affordable prices in Gangnam, its recognition has practically strike the roof.

Despite its stunning waiters, a Mies rep asserted that they don't employ people predicated on looks. Instead, they look for men who are dynamic and masculine. "We don't discriminately seek the services of staff predicated on their looks. We consent to some degree about the evaluation to Hooters. But we display quality meals, friendlier service and trendier design."
 Container Restaurant Design

Container Restaurant Design,The representative identified the area as: 'an industrial-style fusion restaurant that only uses male personnel'. "By simulating the idea and design system of a male-only working space of the structure site, and exhibiting an extremely masculine passion and enthusiasm we wished to charm to young women who include an important customer bottom." And he discovered the real reason for the odd name - 'Mies' is taken over from a vintage barbeque company that they i did so business with.

Oddly enough, Mies Container does not have the official website. They're more enthusiastic about viral marketing. "Even though we don't publicize, those who've experienced Mies Container return back and reveal it on the weblogs or inform other folks and do an improved job of marketing Mies Container than we're able to." True, that!

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