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Container Cafe Design In Bangkok Thailand

 Cafe Container

Container Cafe Design This time, my article is discussing a Thailand country cafe in container, in this case in the city of Bangkok.
Cafe adopted a minimalist concept, elegant and interesting, each visitor who comes,will feel a cosy atmosphere, with a target market for their business traveler
Now the container can be modified into a functioning container into the café as a place of comfortable while enjoying the delights of the food or drinks withconvenient, we will design cafe container in accordance with orders to be created with various-various size container of 20 feet, as well as container 40 feet that's easy on the move-move
inspiring design ideas cafe the following container we hope will help you find the best ideas for your cafe design. Any ideas here have a distinctive character so that it will provide new understanding about cafe container
 Shipping Container Cafe

The container is a large-size iron crates to use as a container where the merchandise items in place in a process of import and export goods, the goods will be arrayed to mess in the hold of the ship ship with this container, made of iron with a certain thickness on lightly coat with paint that is resistant to extreme weather, with easy transportation causes this container is very in interested in?
 Container Cafe

There are two things that will be our discussion this time related to the modification of the container into a new function, which gives the attraction towards her new function, the Container coffee container box and mini bar. Both of these things essentially have in common, namely the place where the people ordering food and drink
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