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The Madero Container Restaurant-Best idea To start Your Busines

 Container Restaurant

Container Restaurant,The Madero Itapema Container has a 300 square meters divided on two floors, which generates the capacity of 100 seats. The base is formed by three containers and a deck and the upper deck by two other containers. The expectation is that 70% of customers of Madero are people road Container and the other 30%, residents of the nearby towns to the restaurant.

The Madero already has presence in the State of Santa Catarina, with your traditional restaurant Madero Burger in the towns of Gril & Joinville, Balneário Camboriú and Florianópolis.
On the menu of the Container's flagship Madero the premium Cheeseburger Madero, which is made with the finest cuts of beef, crispy bread-baked on time in own restaurant, American lettuce, fresh tomatoes, grilled onion, cheddar cheese and the unmistakable handmade mayonnaise. Other champions of sales already known in restaurants Madero, like Cheeseburger of lamb and Cheese Chicken, will also be on the menu at Madero Container. The Madero Container of Itapema still has the Hot Dogs of Madero made with handmade smoked sausage, made with meat and baked bread in time. The hot dog is available in four different versions Container Madero to please all tastes: Central Park, a traditional, German and Mexican.
'Resturant Container'
The Cheeseburger Madero collects titles as the best Cheeseburger in Curitiba by Veja, Gula Magazine 2012 and 2013 by the newspaper Gazeta do Povo 2013.
To facilitate the choices of customers, the Madero Container also includes combos with cheeseburgers or hot dog, fries and soda. And for anyone not driving, a good option is the Beer Brahma in Frozen Mug, refreshing just right.
For dessert, the options in the Madero Container have the premium Petit Gâteau of dulce de leche ice cream and red fruit syrup, dulce de leche Mousse Mini, Brigadier of the Artisanal ice cream spoon and Madero palettes, made by chef patissiere Florina Durski, produced by hand by the Madero and available in four flavors: toasted coconut , Brownie, strawberry with Brigadier and red fruits with a filling of dulce de leche.
 Container Restaurant

Another key differentiator of Madero's products your artisanal. Most of the products of the restaurant is made in own Madero and are free of any preservatives or colorants. "We do everything to make sure that the quality is the best possible. This is the case of the loaves, Hamburger, bacon, hound-dog, meats, sauces, desserts, ice cream and even mayonnaise, made with pasteurized eggs, which ensures no contamination of the product, "explains Durski. Hamburger Madero is made 100% of selected beef and certified by competent bodies in origin, including the SIF (Federal inspection service), ensuring quality and unmistakable flavor to the product. "We are careful in offering a food that is always very healthy, not to mention the distinctive flavor of artisanal recipes", complete the Junior chef Durski.

Madero Palette – Exclusivity Madero Container
Since March this year, the Madero Restaurant now offers to its customers a new dessert menu: the palette Madero. An invention is a Mexican popsicle, in larger size than traditional and usually stuffed. Creation of chef patissiere Durski, Florina Palette Madero, is produced by hand by the Madero and is available in four flavors: toasted coconut, Brownie, strawberry with Brigadier and red fruits with a filling of dulce de leche. "The flavors were inspired by the most requested desserts at the restaurant as the Petit Gâteau de dulce de leche with red fruit sauce, Brownie served with vanilla ice cream, and the Brigadier to harvest," explains the chef Alfredo Durski.

The desserts that have generated the inspiration for palettes Madero, in addition to already known by the public, have some prizes: the Petit Gâteau of dulce de leche ice cream and red fruit syrup was voted "the best Dessert of Curitiba" by the Gazeta do Povo and, after winning the award for three consecutive years, was elevated to the level of Hors-Concours in 2012. Another highlight is the Brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce which was voted by the readers of See 2013 Curitiba,
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