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Create a comfortable residence with a Shipping Container

 Container Home

Container homes,Having a home is the dream of every person. However, house prices are now increasingly expensive due to the increase in building materials as well as the price of land, as well as labor costs.
Container homes cost,But you don't have to worry, because you can have a home that is quite convenient and costs less than $ 75.000. Yes, you can make your own home using a used container.
Overseas, it's been a few years ago people began to utilize the container to be converted to residences. Simply modified, by adding Windows and doors, the container can become a comfortable home, even very secure.
 ontainer Houses

Container homes plans,Home of the container is safer than houses of cement or wood walls. Container houses safer from flood, fire, earthquake even though.
You simply provide the land empty and could buy a used container in tokoonline on sale starting at around Rp 20 million to Rp 60 million, depending on size and condition.
Container home builders,If you do not have to install the AIR CONDITIONER or air conditioner you simply planting trees in order to keep your container home is cool and shady. The following photos of container houses that were built in several places abroad, cited from the website
 Shipping Container Home

There are several options of container house design can be a reference for those of you who might someday be interested to build container houses. You can choose a location to drop the container houses as in the photos, for example, on the edge of the beach, in the forest, in the mountains, on the edge of the Lake, or in urban areas.
prefab shipping container homes,At the end of the news there is also a 3D video that illustrates how a rectangular container, turned into a very beautiful House. You will surely be awed after watching that video.
When the containers are transformed into contemporary home
In the series of houses made from recycled materials, there is a growing category that interests of many architects, manufacturers or self-builders: container houses.
 Container House-Container Home-Rumah container

After the important development of maritime traffic from Asia to Europe or the United States, a surplus of containers piled around many ports of these Western countries to inspire a few ingenious builders.
This container has the interest to be floor in many configurations to form a pleasant home and spacious.
The rest is a matter of imagination which here are some exemplary realizations

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