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10 Feet Container Cafe-Container Shop-Container Kiosk

 Container Cafe Shop

Shipping container coffee shop,Are you buying a small model that combines design, structures and flexibility
When closed down, it only take up 7.5 square meter
When pop-up, it only take up as much as 22 square meter
Weight: 1.2 lot for empty box shop
 Pop-up Container Coffe Shop kiosk

Shipping container pop up shop,10ft pop-up restaurant mobile systems, This device is popular when space is bound so when bigger units aren't necessary to do small careers. Container Cafee Design,Sometimes smaller is faster as well. Once exposed, these models can be changed into a custom designed mobile shop shop, restaurant, Show booth, Soda, pub or ice-cream shop.
 Container Cafe Design

Container Coffee shop Design,It's look and design appeals to attention and you're sure to stick out in the audience. Options such as billboards or systems may be used to enliven the client experience as well as large display sections and TV's.Shipping Container Coffee Shop,Cafe Bar and Restaurant Optional aspect sections can be fastened inside the machine to provide branding and screen options to entice attention. Shipping Container Cafe,The models are compact, practical and easy to use, rendering it simple to prepare yourself on time
 Pop up Bar Container-Container 10 Ft Shop

Trendy and Urban
Mobile structure
Modular and interchangeability permits inside/exterior set-ups and changeable accessories, home furniture and branding
Attract attention and raise the number of connections by at least 25%!
Unique transport system suitable for security, quick deployment, trouble-free handling and reduced costs
 Container Kiosk

Generate high multimedia awareness during activation, travelling and even though shut on location
Quick set-up and easy storage
Minimal staff necessary for safe deployment and cost benefits
Environmentally friendly procedure Using completely new shipping container, clear of any dangerous painting and materials, won't create much structure waste
Automatic beginning and leveling system Utilizing the hydraulic system to regulate the wide open and near by press button
Custom and unique designs and branding that may be totally self-sufficient with electricity and water
Technology ready environment for Wi-fi, RFID, A/V, gigantic LEDs, broadcasting, touch-screens, interactive photo-booth and other solutions
Custom furniture, desk,chair, bar counter-top and whatever you need

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