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Make Shipping Container Foodcourt Design Stand Out

When you listen to "shipping box design," what do you consider of? Static bins that are unchangeable or, at best, modifiable simply? Structures that, while stable and strong, are bit more than rectangular spaces? Our Blog give you more information, we're worked up about changing what you envision when you listen to the word "shipping container structures." Here are some ways we're doing that.

Allowing the Light Glimmer In

Shipping containers are made for function first. Transporting goods over the ocean doesn't require windows or skylights - but building immersive brand experience and wowing your audience does. Which explains why our design team has made integrating day light a priority.

This came up to fruition with one of your recent tasks. The TaylorMade experience, a golfing lover's fantasy shop, posed difficult: how do we maximize storage space and light? We installed clerestory home windows, which are put above eye-level. This real way, we're able to use the low surfaces for safe-keeping and top of the portion, that will be normally misused, for natural light.

From house windows to entire wall space of a glass,combine natural light and that means you can convert a dark box into an appropriate, appealing, and airy space that pulls guests set for a closer check out your brand, and a far more intimate conversation.

Showing Customers a fresh Part of Tradeshows

Picture a active, chaotic tradeshow. Brands are vying for attention using their pipe-and-drape booths and pop-up tents. Then there's your experience: a custom-built shipping and delivery container with another level or deck that invites participants to seriously up and start to see the entire show from a fresh perspective.

Multiple decks and stories, in unforeseen locations like tradeshows especially, offer the possibility to give your audience a distinctive vantage point. While other brands will be jammed down at eyes level, a shipping box with a second-story raises friends to about 15 foot above the audience. Additionally, your branding opportunities just acquired a good start high above the trade show floor also.

Custom Builds

we're unhappy with replicating everything we did yesterday. You want to continue to drive the restrictions - and help you glow with your audience. That is why we don't limit you to definitely standard shipping pot sizes or configurations.

Custom-built pots open up the entranceway to new design opportunities. You don't need to worry in regards to a 20-foot container being too small or a 40-foot being too big. You don't need to worry about appropriate a square (or rectangular) peg in a circular hole; nonstandard footprints can simply be accommodated.

This degree of customization means we need not count on simply changing boxes. We are able to actually create brand activities that are customized to your exact specs and help you create the most out of both your pot environment, as well as your overall event space.

In the final end, we're changing everything we think of whenever we hear "shipping box design" too. Every full day, tomorrow we envision that which you can do, and then we work to make it possible.
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