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Creative ideas Cafetaria with a used Container

 Container Cafetaria
Playing with the concept of a Modern minimalist design, requires a lot of creativity and ideas, to create and realize a Beautiful design.
The Container outlet Cafe above is a combination of the former Container size of 20 Ft and 40 Ft and give a touch of adding a minimalist road access in the form of Stairs to the second floor of the Cafenya Container.
By adding a Stairwell, leading to the 2nd floor provides additional space for guests to enjoy their coffee while gathered together.
The addition of the Pillar pillar, which served as a pillar, giving the security aspects that are good, so the Container structures prevailed and the Cafe was impressed.
In American and European countries is commonplace, experts memamfaatkan a used Container be building: Restaurant, Cafe, Container Container Container Bar and Grill, as well as various other business means

 Container Cafe
Note the design of franchise Outlets Starbuck Coffe above, which is in the town of Kentucky America, to save cost and land, Dipakailah Container used, as a means of his efforts, the place becomes more unique, attractive and add value, for his business.
Well how to friend friends, have got the idea, to create a business concept that uses media Container used, as a place to post all your friends products.
There are many experts in particular graphic designer who can make: shipping container restaurant design, restaurant design, container shipping container restaurant plans.
There are plenty of experts who can design and designing the confined spaces such as the former container.
 Gerai Kopi unik

Interested in using the media to serve the former Villa Container Container, make friends who need: Shipping Container Container Cafe, Coffee Shop, Cafe, design Container Container Container Restaurant, Cafe, Restaurant, Container For business associates that requires "the service Container creation Cafe" follows the Guidelines Order
Decide beforehand, the size of the Container in which you want to use: 20 Feet or 40 Feet
The type of the Cafe will be built
The concept will be adopted for the Cafe Containernya
Please contact: Mr. Akbar Novianto at: 0852-9452-5622 or at: Wa/Line: 0815-7171-809

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