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Container Restaurant in wonderful place

 Container Restaurant Bandung
Hai friends
Talking about the concept of a Cafe or Restaurant Container Container, or overseasContainer called the Restaurant, in the city of Bandung now stand the Container Concept Restaurant, who wore his business as a means of used Container
By arranging 6 units size 40 Ft Container, created a very large room, Cafe concept Container though many in indonesia, at least we can attest to that, the Indonesian people can, making what was made by other Nations.
To provide a comfortable and Cozy conditions, the front of the container this Restaurant made the place where to eat, which is made from Wooden pallets in the former combine with glass, add a unique impression of the Restaurant Day n Nite.
 Restaurant Container

To make a Restaurant or Container: Container Houses, the role of interior designersand architects, are also very important, with a mature calculation then, can producea unique and interesting spaces, to the concept of your residence.
make friends that need: the Outdoor Kiosk, Booth Container,
Interested in using the media to serve the former Villa Container Container Container, Kiosk, make friends who need: Shipping Container Container Cafe, Coffee Shop, Cafe, design Container Container Container Restaurant, Cafe, Restaurant, Container For business associates that requires "the service Container creation Cafe" please contact us: Akbar Novianto at: 0852-9452-5622 or at: Wa/Line: 0815-7171-809
 Container Cafe

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