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Container Store

 Container Store
 Container Store
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In major cities, both in the countries of Asia, Europe, Australia, price of land, especially in the city center is very expensive, This gives a considerable impact besarbagi beginners who want to start business with open counters or shop.
The biggest is the cost of land lease, and then build a store.
Build or set up a shop, certainly requires a large extra costs, starting with the planning and development process.
container used
Yess, Container Used often become trash, which damage the environment, where the main ingredient is an iron container Composite steel and various other metal material.
Currently appearing Trend build Cafe Container, Container Bar, and now spreading to the ContainerStore. As an expert in the field of Creation Cafe Container, obviously we can provide the best solution, for the means of our business partners all

Container Store above is one of our work, of which 40 Ft container, used for minimalist clothing store, which sells products Kinds Of Underwear and Jeans.
So for friends who just want to start Entrepreneurial and require "making services Cafecontainer Cafe Container" Have a business partner contact us: We Specialist Services manufacture "Cafe Container" Booth Food Outdoors, Booth Drink Outdoors, We are experienced in the world Culinary Indonesia, hundreds of Work we either carts, Booth, has given color to the development of culinary archipelago
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 KepalaProduksi Please Contact us: Mr. Akbar Novianto at: 0852-9452-5622 or at: Wa / Line: 0815-7171-809
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